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Capital efficient Liquid Connected Intelligent Private
Restake Rollup L2
Hello Lumia

Reinventing DeFi

Lumia simplifies the building process and creates asymmetric advantages for entrepreneurs thanks to boundless liquidity, unique cross-chain yield opportunities and unmatched interoperability.

Lumia is the next-gen modular L2 leveraging EigenDA, RaaS infrastructure, Polygon CDK and AggLayer, Biconomy Account Abstraction, AI/zkML tech and Lumia Stream liquidity at its core.


Boundless Liquidity

Lumia Stream connects the liquidity of the entire market (CEXs and DEXs) in a first-ever decentralised solution, making it available crosschain via Atomic Swaps with Hashed Time Lock Contracts.

Account Abstraction and Intents

Integrated EIP-4337 and intents technology simplifies blockchain interactions and makes them more intuitive, especially for non-technical users.

Built-In KYC and Privacy

Employing PolygonID for secure and decentralised identity verification, ensuring user privacy and data security. Offers optional full-scale KYC per wallet, enabling participation from regulated institutions.

Restaked Modular Architecture

Leveraging tech stack of MACH and VITAL for advanced scalability, decentralisation, and fast finality. While utilising EigenDA for reduced transaction and operation costs.

Aggregated Native Yield Restaking

Creating industry first yield maximization via Delta Neutral Liquidity Provisioning (DNLP) infrastructure combined with yields derived from different restaking, liquid staking and yield farming markets.

AI Yield Management via zkML

zkSNARKs are used to prove that the trading decisions made by the deployed AI bot align with the predictions of the underlying trained neural network model, without revealing the model's weights or connections.


Lumia Ecosystem Airdrop: Season 1 - Drop #1 (Coming Soon)

Lumia Ecosystem Airdrop: Season 1 - Drop #2 (Coming Soon)


Incentivized Testnet


Mainnet with EigenDA and Decentralized Verifier


Aggregated native yield restaking


Q1 2025

Integrate with Polygon AggLayer, Passport, Miden

Q2 2025

AI Yield Management via zkML